About Us

My name is Leah Wright and I have had an affinity for felines my whole life. After high school I completed a course in veterinary technology and worked for 17 years in the veterinary field. I have also worked as a dog/cat groomer and a dog trainer as well as owning and operating my own pet food and supply store. While working in the veterinary field, I was given the name "Catwhispurrer" due to my ability to calm the nervous ones and charm the aggresive ones.

I started breeding Ragdolls after a dear friend/breeder gave me a kitten as a gift and I became hooked on the breed. I have recently downsized on my ragdolls and I have added a couple of lovely british shorthair cats which I will begin breeding very soon. Like the ragdolls they are a very social cat with a lovely temperament. Their relaxed and trusting nature makes them a wonderful pet for everyone from children to seniors. They just want to be loved and adored. They are very adaptable, taking everything in stride. Their calm, friendly demeanor helps them to get along well with other cats, as well as dogs and other pets. They are happy living in a small apartment or a large house, but should always be kept indoors where they are safe. 

I am devoted to selling only beautiful, healthy, well adjusted kittens and so all of my cats are tested for both hereditary and viral illnesses to ensure that they are in good health before breeding. I also like to get championship titles on my breeding cats to ensure that they physically meet the breed standard.


I would like to formally introduce my niece, and business partner, Emily Brezina. Emily has been a huge animal lover her whole life and has raised and cared for many different species of pets. Several years ago she started attending cat shows with me and quickly fell in love with the ragdoll breed. She has been a real asset to the cattery ever since and has become more and more involved in different aspects of the business. Emily now shares her home, in Burlington, with four ragdolls including Archer one of our retired studs, Pepper/Swagger our highly appointed show alter, and now Ghost and Gypsy two of our lovely breeding girls. Emily adheres to the same high standards and ethics that I do as far as housing and breeding our beloved cats and she has become a valued part of Wrighteous Ragdolls.